# :tada: Onboarding Protocol ## Welcome aboard! This document lists a few important steps to get things rolling once you have joined the Collective. Not a member yet? [Sign up here](https://diglife.com/join-us/) - ***2 min welcome:*** <video id="video" width="854" height="480" controls src="https://diglife.com/files/diglife002.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video> --- ## Alright, I joined. What's next? We exist to nurture trustworthy technologies and we'd love your help with some of the projects we have rolling - but we also exist to support the areas of learning and aligned projects you have rolling! _If you'd like to use our member tools to learn with friends, to do your exciting project work, to find new co-operators, and to discover overlaps with other projects here, you'll need to cover what's in the list below:_ --- - [ ] Have you received our **Welcome Email** with the signup link to Mattermost, our conversation space? **If not, please [contact us](mailto:info@diglife.com)**. (_You can also further orient yourself to y/our Collective [here](https://diglife.com/member-orientation/)_) - [ ] Have you **read [our guiding principles](https://diglife.com/principles/)** to become familiar with the way we work & interact with each other? - [ ] Have you **explored Diglife.coop**, our portal into all spaces and services of the Collective? - [ ] Have you **updated your [chat](https://chat.diglife.coop/login) profile page** so that we can get to know you? (Just click on the menu by your name on upper left and go to Account Settings..) - [ ] Have you **added your profile tags** at DigLife.coop so we - and you! - can see y/our connections to other members? --- ## Explore our Collective at Diglife.coop The DigLife Portal is a waystation for all members of the Digital Life Collective to discover and access shared services, work teams and operational areas organized into four domains: 1. **HOME** - These are services available to all members as well as Interest Groups (i.e. non-workteam related groups) 2. **PROJ** - These are work teams organized around value-producing (service-providing) projects. 3. **OPS** - These are work teams organized around internal operations. 4. **FRIENDS** - These are separate domains connected to DigLife. The purpose of the portal is to make it easy for members (1) to discover all services and teams the Collective offers to its members, (2) to request and control access to support services and domains (via a Sudo Protocol) and (3) to push the operation of the Collective to the "edges" (via a self-organizing protocol). Setting up new services can be done by anyone in the Collective. Each domain has a support channel that helps people to connect and find out who's there and where to go next. For the Home domain, this is the _[Welcome + Orientation Channel](https://chat.diglife.coop/diglife/channels/welcome-orientation)_, for the Projects domain, this is the _Improbability Drive_, for the Ops domain, the _Tea House_ and for the Friends domain, the _Random Cafe_. Note that you can only access these channels if you are a member of the domain. :::warning ###### tags: `member relations` `member resources` `tools` `orientation` `protocol` ###### authors: `joachim` `christina` :::